Core Algebra 1 - Online Algebra 1 Course

Complete Algebra 1 course online.

Core Algebra 1 synthesizes guided practice worksheets with video instruction and multilevel online followup exams. Today's student is so immersed in computer and internet technologies that most do not learn efficiently from the old style school methods of reading the textbook and taking notes in class. They are accustomed to utilizing the internet as a media for socialization and study which provides instantaneous feedback.  We present the core concepts of Algebra 1 in a medium that todays student is familiar with.

This course is designed for:

  • Current Algebra 1 students needing extra practice or to prestudy lessons.
  • Homeschool Algebra 1 students who need guided practice.
  • Review for Algebra 2 students.
  • College Algebra 1 students needing review.
  • Parents who want to review Algebra 1 to assist their children.
Core Algebra 1, Notes, Video, Tests
All content is provided free of charge.

Core Algebra 1 Content Specifics

  • 12 Units of Study
    • All Algebra 1 Core Concepts covered
    • Lessons follow most common current textbooks (PH, McDougal, Glencoe)
  • 39 Sections (Lessons) - Each Lesson Includes
    • A Video Lesson
    • Downloadable Notes with the Practice Problems that are covered in video lesson and a solutions page
    • Multiple Online tests based on the lesson
  • Video Lessons
    • 5 to 25 minutes (average 14 minutes)
    • Experienced online instuctor, currently actively teaching Algebra 1 and co-wrote district curriculum
    • Coordinated to match the downloadable lesson
  • Downloadable Lesson Notes
    • Each page has a notes section based on the video lesson
    • Problems with no solution on odd pages, solutions are on following even pages
  • 106 Online Tests ! 
    • Each lesson has from 1 to 5 practice tests
    • Each test is color coded for difficulty level (green, yellow, red)
    • Students get instant grading upon submitting test
    • All incorrect answers results include the line by line correct solution
    • Over 1000+ questions with solutions 
  • Test Results page
    • Each individual who sets up a User ID will be able to privately view their results of all tests taken and their overall averages

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